Complaints Procedures

Customer complaints

Complaints Procedures

Complaints Procedures

  • A customer who is not satisfied with a financial product /service offered by a bank may complain to the respective bank for redress.
  • If not satisfied, the customer may complain to The Head, Financial Stability Department, Bank of Ghana, P. O. Box GP 2674, Accra for assistance. Or Email complaint to
  • If not satisfied take legal action.

Some of the Causes of Customer Complaints

  • Unexpected/ excessive charges
  • Losing money because of a bank's slow administration
  • Dispute over who is at fault if money is stolen from an account.
  • Incorrect or misleading information about a product.
  • A bank's failure to adequately warn customers about the risks of a product/service.
  • A banks failure to draw attention to a particularly strict condition in a contract.
  • A bank's failure to carry out customer's instructions.
  • Discriminatory Pricing (unfairly being offered worse terms than other customers)
  • Not being given adequate notice about charges to a contract.