Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Hackathon, hosted by the Bank of Ghana! This Hackathon is designed to bring together the brightest minds in Ghana’s tech and finance sectors, individuals, and teams to explore innovative groundbreaking solutions using CBDC technology.

To ensure a fair and focused competition it’s important to understand the criteria that will guide your participation in this hackathon. Below are some established eligibility criteria and submission requirements that reflect the high standards of innovation and professionalism we expect from our participants. These criteria are in place to maintain the integrity of the hackathon and ensure that all participants have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Participants should be aware of the evaluation criteria, which may include innovation, technical excellence, feasibility, and potential impact on the CBDC ecosystem.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria and submission requirements, which will guide your participation in this exciting event!





Innovation Concept Note (ICN)

Participants or teams must submit a draft project proposal outlining their problem, hypothesis, and conceptual solution using the eCedi. This ICN should also include a high-level technical documatation


Technical Documentation

A technical document explaining the architecture, process flow, technologies used and how it would leverage the eCedi.

This documentation should be comprehensive enough for review by technical experts.


ICN Pitch

Selected participants will be invited to pitch their concepts to a panel of Judges

Phase II


Working Prototype

Selected participants will be invited to develop and demonstrate a functional prototype of the eCedi-related solution.

Participants will be required to include a high-level technical architecture solution of the prototype.

The prototype should showcase the core features and functionality of the proposed solution.


Video Presentation

Participants should create a video presentation (typically 5-10 minutes) explaining their project. This presentation should include a demonstration of the prototype, the problem-solving approach, and the potential impact of the solution.


Source Code


All source code, scripts, and relevant files must be submitted along with appropriate documentation. This will allow the judges to review the technical implementation of the project.


Prototype Demo

Teams shall be invited to demo their prototype to judges in a live event


Consent to Terms

Participants must sign a consent form agreeing to the terms and conditions of the hackathon (Intellectual Property Rights, NDA, Code of Conduct)



All submissions must be made by the specified deadline. Late submissions may not be accepted



Selected finalists will be invited to the award ceremony and awarded designated prizes