Techniques of Identifying Counterfeit

In order to effectively detect counterfeit, please do (or note) the following

Techniques of Identifying Counterfeit

Take Note

  • The bearer of the banknote is supposed to compare the suspected banknote with one of the same denomination from a different source.

  • Do not compare with the reproductions in a brochure (or a print out from the internet), which always differ from the original.

  • Unfold a received banknote and look at the front and the back.

  • Check the banknote for the security features (refer to write-up on the Features of the Ghanaian Banknote)

  • Pay attention to soiled or repaired bills

  • The Bank of Ghana can assist you in verifying the validity of a suspected note.

  • Notify the police as soon as possible if you think that a banknote has been counterfeited


It must be noted that the circulation of banknotes is the responsibility of Bank of Ghana. The law grants the Bank the exclusive right to issue banknotes. The Bank is also the holder of the copyright thereto. Counterfeiting and even possession of counterfeit banknotes are punishable by law.