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Anti-Money Laundering Guideline
Tuesday, 21 May 2013 13:34

The world has experienced phenomenal growth of financial services over the last couple of decades. This globalization has led to increased cross-border activities enhancing global financial intermediation. Unfortunately, this development has been accompanied by a spate of transnational organized crime including Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (ML/TF) perpetuated by underground economies.

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Unauthorized Deposit-Taking by the Under-Listed Companies
Monday, 20 May 2013 14:58

The Bank of Ghana has noted that the above-mentioned companies or entities are engaged in unauthorised and illegal deposit-taking from the general public without licensing by the Bank of Ghana as required under the Banking Act, 2004, Act 673 as amended nor the Non-Bank Financial Institution Act, 2008 (Act 774).


National Competitive Tender - Sale of Residential Property At Hohoe
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 00:00

The Bank of Ghana invites sealed tenders from eligible candidates to purchase a five (5) bedroom single storey property  situate on a 0.19 acre piece of land located off the Hohoe - Jasikan Road, in the Gbi Bla residential area of Hohoe in the Volta Region of the Republic of Ghana.

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Semi-Annual Report on the Ghana Petroleum Funds
Friday, 15 February 2013 10:57

This publication outlines crude oil lifts of Ghana, and the allocation to the Ghana Petroleum Funds for the second half-year ended December 31, 2012. Read more

Petroleum Holding Fund (PHF) & GPFs Semi-Annual Report
Friday, 15 February 2013 09:35

The Petroleum Holding Fund (PHF) and the Ghana Petroleum Funds (GPFs) were established by the Petroleum Revenue Management Act (2011) (Act 815) (PRMA). In accordance with the PRMA Section 28(a), (b) the Bank of Ghana reports on the performance and activities of the PHF, and GPFs for the second half of 2012 ended December 31, 2012. Read more


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